Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is Love?

What does it mean to Love? I would be very interested to see what everyone believes that Love embodies. Does it dwell in the margins of stories of our lives? Can it be seen in actions that are lived out? Or is it just a conceptual thought that no one can truly grasp?

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic and let's begin the continual conversation about Love and how it can shape our culture.


The Langley's said...

Hey Friend!
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Will and I can't wait to comment on all of your posts. Hope you're doing well. Keep it real homes!

Corbin said...

i think love simply means caring about something or someone more than yourself, sometimes without really understanding why. that's really the only definition i can think of. but the key is the selfless-ness.